Why Cavallo Forest?

With 80+ years of combined experience from the two original co-founders, you start to get an idea of the wealth of knowledge that you as a prospective client will encounter when making an enquiry with our firm.

In South Australia the Development Act allows any member of the public to lodge a Land Division Planning Application with the Development Assessment Commission. However, only a Licensed Surveyor can ultimately complete the project by pegging the new boundaries and preparing, lodging and obtaining final approval for the certified survey from which new titles will issue.

Why not begin the process with Cavallo Forest, a Licensed Surveyor, who will ultimately perform arguably the most vital part of this process?

In recent years there has been an unprecedented decline of Licensed Surveyors. Survey firms whose owners and / or managers are not licensed surveyors will have to rely on out-sourcing this very crucial part of the land division process.


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At Cavallo Forest you can rest assured that:

  • Your substantial investment will be managed by the Principal, Rocco Cavallo a Licensed Surveyor of some 30 year's experience
  • The whole process from the initial consultation, survey and final certified survey is "in house"
  • All staff have been trained by either Rocco Cavallo (owner) and / or Daryl Forest (past principal and co-founder)
  • All our surveyors have tertiary qualifications and / or are under training agreements endorsed by the Surveyors Board of South Australia.
  • We as Licensed Surveyors are bound by our professional Code of Ethics which are rules of conduct based on honesty, justice and courtesy.

Land Division Process

As a prospective client you may note that we have not provided any "Step by Step Guide" or indecipherable Flow Charts that can be obtained from any government website, and nor will we provide one. There is an old saying in land surveying folklore "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

  • Q:What is the first step for a member of the public in enquiring about a land division?
  • A:Consult a Licensed Surveyor (we trust that we will be your first port of call).

The answer above is not some clever gimmick to entice – it is actually stated in most council "Land Division Process" websites.


Conference Facilities

We at Cavallo Forest take great pride in educating the public about the complex and daunting task of what could be their most expensive and risky venture.

There is no such thing as a “simple subdivision”.

All factors need to be considered to mitigate risk and increase the likelihood of success. This is particularly crucial if you are contemplating purchasing a property with a view to subdividing.

Armed with the wrong information and inexperience, a client can soon make a very expensive mistake.

At Cavallo Forest we are proud of the fact that we talk more people out of purchasing a potentially subdividable property than in actually endorsing the purchase, after we assess their risk appetite and capability.

We now have state of the art conference facilities in our boardroom in which we conduct the appraisal in a comfortable and relaxing environment. We encourage not only first time developers, but also experienced developers who may wish to further continue the professional development of their staff.



WITH A passion for land development

and a client focused philosophy

Rocco Cavallo & Daryl Forest began operating as a partnership in January 1992 and quickly established itself as a reputable firm with both clients and peers, specialising in Land Divisions.
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