The founders of Cavallo Forest, Rocco Cavallo and Daryl Forest initially worked together for several years in the late 1980’s in an Adelaide based survey company. 

They soon realized that they had a shared passion for land development and a client focused philosophy that other companies they had worked for were not providing and eventually began operating as a partnership in January 1992. Cavallo Forest quickly established itself as a reputable medium sized firm with both their clients and peers, specializing in Land Divisions.

Prior to the Community Titles Act 1996 coming into operation, Rocco and Daryl attended all the workshops to ensure that they had input and also intimate knowledge of this (then) new Act. One could still create Strata Titles under the Strata Titles Act until 2000, however, Cavallo Forest quickly realized the potential of this new form of title and was instrumental in implementing a few “firsts” in Community Titling.

It is this sort of innovation and attention to legislative changes that has kept Cavallo Forest at the forefront of land division consultancy in the state.

Whilst the business is now wholly owned and operated by Rocco Cavallo, a Licensed Surveyor of some 30 years’ experience, Daryl Forest (with over 50 years’ experience in Land Divisions) remains as a consultant on larger subdivisions.

Meet the team

Rocco Cavallo

Co-Founder and Principal

Rocco began his working career in 1980 as a survey assistant at The Latrobe Region Water Authority in Victoria.

After migrating to Adelaide in early 1982 and commencing a Bachelor Degree in Surveying at what is now Uni SA, Rocco went on to win the RW Paynter Memorial Prize for Cadastral Surveying over his four year tenure.

Daryl Forest

Co-Founder and Past Principal

Prior to Co-Founding Cavallo Forest, Daryl spent most of his working life as a Partner or Director in some of the most high profile and respected firms in the state.

Daryl began his studies at the then School of Mines / SA (which is now part of Uni SA), completing business and economics, conveyancing and property units with emphasis on Town Planning Design and Cartography.

Josephine Cavallo

Principal Office Manager

Josephine was born and bred in Adelaide and spent her early working years on Kangaroo Island as a Quality Assurance Officer for the Meat Export Industry.

After gaining her qualifications in Accounting, Josephine worked in several accounting practices on both Kangaroo Island and Adelaide.

Olsi Ducaj

Graduate Surveyor

Olsi worked as a survey assistant for our firm in the final years of his studies. Having the foresight and work ethic to supplement his theoretical knowledge at university with a real work environment has enabled Olsi to hit the ground running since graduating.

Olsi is currently in a Training Agreement under Rocco's supervision to become a Licensed Surveyor.


Survey Assistant

Steven has been employed as a Survey Assistant with Cavallo Forest for over 5 years.

His satisfaction with the work environment coupled with our encouragement of his technical skills has led to Steven pursuing this profession as a career.



WITH A passion for land development

and a client focused philosophy

Rocco Cavallo & Daryl Forest began operating as a partnership in January 1992 and quickly established itself as a reputable firm with both clients and peers, specialising in Land Divisions.
Licensed Surveyors working onsite