Decision on Merit

Our clients had purchased a corner site with the intention of retaining the existing dwelling (to be kept in the family) and constructing a separate dwelling next door, for their retirement.

They approached a volume builder who referred them to their land division consultants.  The advice they received was that they would not achieve subdivision approval for a separate allotment and at best they might be able to build a small “granny flat” which could never exist on its own title.

This would have had a serious impact on the financial viability of the whole project.  

As a last resort they sought the advice of a bespoke builder who instructed the couple to seek advice from our firm.

Our initial appraisal was that the proposal, whilst being deficient in area and Private Open Space, could be assessed on merit if tackled properly from the outset.

Our office then lodged the Proposed Plan of Division with a Supporting Planning Statement outlining the merits of the proposal.

The council in question is known for its strict interpretation of their Development Plan, however with some persuasive planning arguments, the council planner was eventually supportive of the proposal.  

It was duly approved at the next Development Assessment Panel meeting and we had the pleasure of informing our relieved clients of the favourable outcome.


"Cavallo Forest went beyond our expectations in assisting us by communicating with Council and with our Builder, resulting in our builder receiving the go ahead to build.

We are very appreciative with their help and would recommend them to anyone. Without their help we wouldn't be where we are today".

Harry and Marcelle Steele



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